Application Instructions

Please read ALL steps before commencing application.

  1. Clean surface with soapy water or alcohol wipe to remove any dust, dirt or oils. Wait until completely dry before moving on to the next step.
  2. Place label face down. Slowly and carefully remove backing paper from the transparent transfer tape. The vinyl will adhere to the transfer tape.
    (If the vinyl does not come off the backing paper, place back down and rub that spot with your finger and try again. For more stubborn vinyl try using a fingernail to lift vinyl)
  3.  Once backing paper is removed, arrange label on desired surface. Take your time – once it touches the surface it will immediately stick and be impossible to reposition.
  4. Using a credit card, rub over entire label to smooth and remove any air bubbles. Use your fingers to help on more rounded objects.
  5. Peel away transfer tape slowly, on an angle, making sure no part of the vinyl stays on the transfer tape. If the letters start to lift, lay it back down and gently rub with your finger or credit card and try again.
  6. Vinyl labels are only waterproof 24 hours after application. Hand washing is recommended. NOT dishwasher safe. Do not soak.

*We are not responsible for any errors while applying or care of label. Please be patient and take your time*