Acrylic Tags



Acrylic label tags are perfect for baskets or surfaces where vinyl labels will not adhere to.

These tags can be attached using hot glue, double sided tape or velcro (not included).
Labels come already applied to tag. If you wish for them to come separate, please leave a note in the description box.

If you would like to purchase our acrylic tags separately with no label applied click here

• 5 x 9cm
• Labels are made to fit the acrylic tags. 3 words maximum per label.

*Some fonts may not be available for selections as they are not suitable for these labels*

Please note:
• Maximum 3 words per label (eg, Long Life Milk)
• Labels will be applied exactly how they are written in description box
• Labels are not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave
• Labels are made from high quality vinyl 



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