Pantry Labels (Single & Value Packs)

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Organise your pantry with our custom pantry labels. Our bulk packs offer best value for money!


• Pantry labels are approximately 2cm x 6cm (per word, multiple words will be longer)
• Sizes are only an estimate and will vary depending on which font you choose.
• Labels will be written on 1 line (2 lines for 3 words). They can be cut and rearranged how you wish. If you wish them to be sent with one word on each line please leave me a message in the description box.


Please Note:
• Maximum 3 words per label (eg, Self Raising Flour)
• Labels will be sent exactly how they are written in description box. Be careful with spelling and punctuation. 
• Labels must be used within two weeks of receiving them
• Instructions on how to apply your label will be sent with order
• Labels are not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave
• Labels are made from high quality permanent vinyl.





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